VA’s IASS Contract Win on VETS2 GWAC

It’s another WIN!! 9th Way Insignia is thrilled to announce that we are supporting VA OIT’s Development and Security Operations (DSO) Business Operations Services (BOS) on the Information Assurance Support Services (IASS) contract. Awarded on the VETS2 GWAC, this 5-year, $13.9M program will be delivered with teammate, Pivotal-i4DM JV.

We’ll be working in partnership with VA to deliver IA process integration using a “shift-left” strategy—which includes automation—to ensure systems and applications are compliant with security requirements and regulations. This will allow opportunities for improved ATO management and improvements to VA’s overall security posture. The IASS program complements our IT System Security Engineering (ISSE) contract, where we provide system security engineering expertise in support of VA IT applications and infrastructure. 

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