• Software Development
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Enterprise IT
  • Analytics & AI

Software Development

9th Way Insignia delivers software design, development, implementation, and maintenance services, using Agile development practices underpinned by a strong DevOps culture. Our developers apply human-centered design and development principles to achieve mission and business outcomes. 

We excel in modernizing software through migration to secure cloud environments, where we provide a full range of development, testing, and production administration services. Our teams support clinical, administrative, infrastructure (middleware), integration, and IAM services, using client-server, web-based architectures, mobile, and cloud computing architectures.

Enterprise Architecture

Our EA professionals combine a collaborative planning methodology (CPM) and the Federal Enterprise Architecture Framework (FEAF) with specific organizational objectives to develop comprehensive, transformative EA programs. We help clients create reliable architectures that deliver repeatable outcomes–always with an emphasis on information and data governance.

These efforts are a continuous process that incorporates overall program and risk management and security compliance. Using this approach promotes increased levels of mission effectiveness and helps eliminate waste and duplication by providing a common framework to describe and analyze investments, increase shared services, close performance gaps, and provide opportunities for collaboration within and across agencies.

Enterprise IT

Our experts design, deploy, and operate IT infrastructures that empower our clients’ success in operations and their ability to deliver their products and services to their customers. We accomplish this through the application of ITIL and TBM best practices to modernize IT and drive business transformation.

Further, we deliver network engineering and operations support, program management, and enterprise infrastructure services that increase customer satisfaction, reduce costs, and improve service delivery while increasing operational maturity. We implement and maintain enterprise-level WANs; improve manageability of the network; and secure the enterprise against cyber-attacks using a common set of concepts, processes, and tools, including software-defined networking and analytics-driven forecasting.

Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

9th Way Insignia provides business intelligence and analytics solutions to meet a range of needs from basic data integration, business analytics, and intuitive graphical analyses, to AI and machine learning tools that develop advanced statistical models on both structured and unstructured data.

Our software and business intelligence designs include identifying and developing opportunities to eliminate the need to perform repetitive, simple activities through use of bots, or to enhance and improve user experience with chatbots or intuitive, data-driven prompts that improve quality and reduce user stress.