9th Way Insignia’s Push for a Healthier/Happier Workplace with the Cigna Fitness Challenge

9th Way Insignia is proud to participate in employee health and wellness programs! That’s why we partnered with Cigna to challenge our employees to a friendly wellness challenge. The Cigna Fitness Challenge was introduced to 9th Way Insignia to enhance employee health in a fun and competitive way. The challenge was split into two categories, Teams and Individual.

It was a close race in the team’s category but in the end, it was The Talent Force with the highest average score!

Our Talent Force Team included:

  1. Bill Branstetter
  2. Reenie Moss Fraser
  3. Tommy Cole
  4. Patty Burgess
  5. Kimberly Cole
  6. Maria Moss Fraser
  7. Nancy Van Balen
  8. Tanya Gillespie

Coming out on top as the overall individual winner with the most points was our director of recruiting, Bill Branstetter! We want to congratulate everyone who participated in this challenge and made it to the end.

Our Wellness Team is also pleased to announce that we have a new platform (Virgin Pulse) for the next fitness challenge where everyone who reaches certain milestones will be rewarded with a prize! The next fitness challenge is to be announced.

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